Introduction and Rules!!!!!

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Welcome To The Mystic Wolves  Website!! If you are thinking about joining read ahead….

The Mystic Wolves Pack is a new wolf pack with a new style!!!

The leader or Female alpha is   twilightlegend other wise….. me! If wanted we can have a election to see who gets the king alpha role. But this the introduction so read on.


  • No powerplaying, meaning no dodging to much if this offense keeps up… then there will be a minor punishment.
  •                 No multipacking meaning don’t go to another pack while in ours!!!!
  • No bulling most of all.
  • No disobeying please. (Major punishments will occur if disobeying a high and certain rank.)
  • Have fun!!!
  • Respect the pack do not disrespect.
  • Buddy each other that way  so we can follow one another.
  • Don’t get  too stressed, mad and sad  in public big issues will be resolved in private with the leader or tribe.
  • Pack members will take turns having freedom mode.  ( Freedom mode is when you can roleplay with other temporary one roleplay wolf packs or other roleplays.)
  • And don’t worry!!! We don’t just take extreme vocabulary  experts!
  • The required tag icon is the flowing river jam-a-gram me if confused… Tag colors are purple , blue , and black. (You can change tag colors out of pack roleplay.. or in freedom mode.)
  • Treat each other like family.
  • Don’t threat!! We can still be silly!

(And finally, each rule disobeyed has a punishment sometimes small sometimes big.)





leader delete after done

The Leader is the alpha of the pack some times there are two alphas, one boy one girl.The Alphas are in full command of the other ranks and pack. They must have respect and honor.



beta 22

Betas are wise older wolves. They also have high command but not full leadership like the alphas. Treat with high respect.

Lead Hunter:                                       Beta Hunter:

hunter mew

Lead hunters are very skilled and have passed tests, serious training, and fights to take this role. They lead the hunters to hunt, fight and others. Only has command of the hunters. Still with high respect.

Beta hunters, or elite hunters are the older hunters. These hunters are only allowed to patrol grounds and train pups and young wolves. Has respect.



hunter of basic

Hunters are raised with normal training and has one fight to break before taking this role. Has no command. Has normal respect levels. Follows command of The Lead Hunter.


War Lieutenants:    Elite Warriors:    Solders:


There are two war lieutenants. These are the most skilled passed multiple battles and have had specific training very advanced. Has commands of the warriors and solders. Solders are one step below warriors. War commanders has high respect.

Elite warriors are the trainers of the young graduating solders and pups. These were once very experienced War commanders.Has high respect.

Solders are normal warriors. Has no command and follows the lead of the war lieutenants. Has normal training. Has normal respect.

Vad’ame:         Medics:

lea medic

Vad ‘ames or lead medics are very skilled.Has to be at least 3 months into adult wolf for this role. Has to pass serious and experienced training. You cannot be a lead medic unless you were once already a normal medic. Has high respect.

Normal medics have normal training and has no command following leader ship of the vad’ ames. Normal maturity required. Has normal respect.


Pups:             Monarchs:           Young wolf:


Newborns and very young pups are bunnies. (required) Soon they will make the decision for what type of training they will have. Has no command. Mothered my monarchs and fathered (not required) by hunters warriors medics etc. (monarchs also can be one of the following lists as well)

Young wolves are foxes and coyotes (foxes are a little younger than coyotes) Is going through training. Has no command. Soon they will start moving out of their parents den.


Monarchs are mothers of the pups and young wolves.


The forgotten.

the forgotten

These scarce and cruel wolves are the wolves that have been banned from out beloved family and pack. Some might turn and blossom into enemy packs or rogues.



Attire:    Colours:   Patterns:


ice_screenshot_20170823-105129 ice_screenshot_20170823-105354




Clothing Attire:


Spike 2. Flower Crown 3. Gazelle Horns 4. Any Armor 5. Feathered Mask 6. Sword 7. Headdress 8. Bow / Crossbow / Etc. 9. Mech Angel Helmet 10. Worn 11. Tophat 12. Arm Cuffs 13. Feather Tail 14. Horned Leg Pads 15. Fox / Raccoon Hat 16. Jamaaliday Scarf 17. Jamaaliday Leg Armor 18. Medic Bag 19. Cape 20. Flower Tail Armor

Good luck!